The True Story of How Pinterest Picked My House Color

Modern farmhouse painted with Cabot Solid Stain in Pewter Gray - Farmhouse Redefined.

If you've been following along with me either here or on Instagram, you know that we built our forever home a few years ago on our 7th-generation family farm.  Building a house was an amazing journey filled with highs, lows and plenty of lessons!  

One thing I remember literally keeping me up at night was deciding what color to paint the exterior of our home.  I mean, it's a big canvas...choosing the wrong color is something that would be pretty noticeable, not to mention tough to live with day in and day out!  I told my husband I wanted something "not quite gray, not quite green."  He rolled his eyes as he thanked me for narrowing things down. how do you track down an almost chameleon-like color like that?  I did what most people do when they have an idea for something, but need help visualizing it...I turned to Pinterest!  I started searching "home exteriors" and "home exterior colors."  Kinda general, but it was so helpful to just peruse all the different photos that came up in my results.  And then I found the photo that stopped me in my tracks

You've probably seen this beautiful home before as it's become Pinterest-famous over the last few years!  This home was designed by JB Architecture Group in Chicago and built by Siena Custom Builders.  As soon as I saw that exterior color, it was love at first sight.  And thanks to the Houzz listing, it wasn't too hard to track down the color.  So I immediately ran out and got a sample of Cabot Solid Stain in Pewter Gray and put it to the test.  I painted a few pieces of our Hardie Board siding -- some that was already on the house and a few loose pieces.  I took the loose pieces home with me to study in various types of light (and to poll family/friends).  And we visited the house during different times of day so we could see the color on the house.  It was pretty clear that we had found "the one."  After testing at least 10 other color samples, it was as simple as consulting Pinterest to find a winner!  

Front porch of a modern farmhouse painted with Cabot Solid Stain in Pewter Gray - Farmhouse Redefined

Fast forward three years and I'm still a huge fan of this color on the exterior of our home.  As much as I love traditional white farmhouses, that wasn't a very realistic option for us.  Our house is tucked back into a bank of trees that leaves pollen and dust flying around everywhere.  It would be pretty tough to keep a lighter colored house looking clean in these conditions...I have a tough enough time keeping my porches and outdoor furniture clean! 

The Pewter Gray color is the perfect mix of gray and green. It looks great with our off-white trim and dark stained doors and, so far, it's weathering the elements beautifully.  Gotta love low maintenance!  While we're on the subject of outdoor colors, our trim is a custom color that was mixed to match our windows, which are Pella's Linen color.  We stained our front and side doors with ThermaTru's Stain Kit in English Walnut.  

Side porch of a modern farmhouse painted with Cabot Solid Stain in Pewter Gray - Farmhouse Redefined

So there you have it...the story of how Pinterest helped me choose the color of our home!  How did you choose your exterior color palette?  For those of you out there wanting to repaint your home, what kinds of things are you considering as you search for the perfect color?  

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