Let's Talk Style and Functionality: Master Bath Edition

I talk about "style and functionality" a lot and it's mainly because these two factors are really important to me in anything I design – for my own home or someone else's!  For me, I can't have one without the other.  Maybe it's the season of life I've been in the last few years (having two kiddos 11 months apart), but my primary goal is to design spaces that are meant to be lived in and enjoyed, aesthetically, playfully and usefully!  So yes, style and functionality are some of my top considerations for all projects big and small.

I love finding easy ways to make a big impact in a space and custom textiles can be a great way to do that.  I've partnered with Calico in the past and have always been blown away by the quality and craftsmanship of their work.  Their service is second to none and, whether you're designing window treatments or custom furniture, you'll get something beautifully unique and tailor-made for your home.  So it's no surprise that I turned to them recently when I was trying to troubleshoot a tough design spot in my master bath.  

My master bath has a bank of tall, narrow windows situated immediately above a cast-iron claw foot tub.  As I was designing this space during the building process, I thought it would be so relaxing to have an oversized tub under these windows –very spa-like, right?  It is very picturesque, but I neglected to think about the more practical side of things.  How will I maintain some level of privacy when I'm actually taking a bath?  I like picturesque...just not when it comes to me trying to get in and out of the tub without any neighbors seeing me!  So I've spent the last few years looking for window treatments that don't detract from the view or from the serene vibe I'm trying to channel in our bathroom.  I tried drapes thinking those would be my best bet in a quick open-close scenario.  But I ran into a few challenges: 1) my windows are an odd size, so standard drapery panels weren't doing the trick as far as covering the entire opening; 2) I didn't love any of the prints I was finding on the shelves; and 3) the drapery panels I did go with were getting wet every time I closed them to take a bath.


After dealing with these challenges for a few years, I called in the experts!  Working with Calico's team of in-home designers is an easy way to get the full Calico experience even if you don't live near a store.  I shared details of my space and the issues I was having.  My designer shared various window treatment options in Calico’s amazing Window Treatment Guide.  He recommended Roman Shades for my windows because they're easy to open and close and they wouldn't get wet with any splashes from the tub.  So far, so good!  My next step was visiting CalicoCorners.com to go through all the different fabric selections.  I wanted something with a pop of pattern and color, but that was still understated enough to not take away from the gorgeous view we have through the windows.  I chose a handful of swatches and they were delivered right to my door a few days later.  After seeing all the choices in person, I had an immediate favorite: Dwellstudio's Auretta Peacock fabric.  I love the botanical pattern and color palette with varying shades of blue, gray and gold.  Perfect for adding polished style to my windows!

After finalizing my fabric choice, I turned it over to the Calico team, who made the shades to the exact specifications of my windows.  Think of it as custom tailoring for your home.  No more trying to make “off-the-shelf” options work.  Instead, these shades were made for my windows, ensuring a perfect fit.  I couldn't be happier with how they turned out!  They completely changed the look and feel of our master bathroom.  As far as projects go, this was definitely one of the easier ones that made such a huge difference in a space...all thanks to Calico's expertise, quality and selection.  How would you like to use custom textiles in your home?  Now’s the perfect time to start thinking about New Year refresh projects.  Stop by Calico's website for endless inspiration to get those creative wheels turning!