Halloween DIY: Mummy Mason Jar Luminaries

With two small kids at home, I'm always looking for fun ways to celebrate the seasons.  We're big on crafts around here!  My mom was cleaning out her attic and found a case of brand new mason jars that were headed for the trash when I rescued them.  Wasn't really sure what to do with them, but it just seemed like a waste of good mason jars, no?

So fast forward to this past weekend when I was on the hunt for a fun kid project to take up some time on a rainy afternoon.  With Halloween just a few weeks away, we've been trying to add spooky touches all around the house.  I always have lanterns or luminaries on the first few steps of our staircase (depending on who you ask, these are either viewed as super cute or a tripping hazard) and I was trying to think of a way to use up my newly acquired mason jars.  So obviously the next logical thought was, "why not mummify those jars?"  Making mummies really just involves a lot of wrapping and my kids are obsessed with flameless candles...so this seemed like a win-win in the kid craft department!

Read on for a quick step-by-step tutorial on these adorably cute Mummy Mason Jar Luminaries. This project really is perfect for even small kids as they can help with wrapping the tape while adults use the scissors and hot glue.  We're using our mummies strictly indoors, but you could probably spray each with a waterproof sealant if you wanted to keep them on a covered porch.  And scroll down to the end of the post for a bonus mummy project…Happy Almost Halloween!


Supplies Needed

  • Mason jars -- we used various sizes big and small!

  • White medical tape -- I used "self-adhering" elastic bandage--it's textured like crepe paper and sticks to itself almost like an ace bandage

  • Googly eyes -- again, various sizes 

  • Black Sharpie marker

  • Hot glue gun


Step 1: Make sure your mason jars are clean and dry.
Ours were a bit dusty, so I gave them a quick rinse and made sure to let them dry completely.

Step 2: Start wrapping.
I put a small dot of hot glue on the tape and stuck it to the back of each jar.  Once they were cool and dry, I gave them to my kiddos and they wrapped tape in random, criss-crossed patterns around each jar.  We had several different sizes of jars and we were wrapping 3-4 jars per roll of tape.  When you finish wrapping, put a small dot of hot glue on the end of the tape and then adhere it to the jar.  


Step 3: Add eyes and a mouth (it's alive!)
We used different-sized googly eyes and a black Sharpie marker to give each of our luminaries a fun face.  Just a small dot of hot glue will adhere the eyes to the jars.  Some of the faces are friendly (the little winky face is my fave!) and some are spooky...all are totally cute!

Step 4: Pop in some candles and enjoy the spooky display
I added a flameless votive candle to each of our jars and it adds just the right amount of glow through the white tape.  We grouped our large mummy family on the stairs, but they'd be equally cute on a shelf, mantel or kitchen/bar counter!  


And Here’s the Bonus Project…
Because we’re now mummifying everything over here (in a festive way, not a creepy way!), I took this same principle and made this adorable mummy hand soap. Just use white electrical tape (it’s water resistant!) and wrap any type of hand soap bottle. Add eyes and a mouth and ta da — perfect for your kitchen, bathroom or to give as a gift!

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