Let's Go Shopping For...Long Kitchen Island or Table Centerpieces

Metal kitchen island runner tray/centerpiece. Farmhouse Redefined.com.

Hands down, one of the most asked about pieces in my home is the large metal runner I have on my kitchen island.  My island is pretty long and I spent over a year looking for a centerpiece that could stand up to the size of the counter and still maintain an open/airy feel.  I had zero luck in my search, so I decided to design my own.

After a few sketches and consulting with the welder-extraordinaire in my family (hi Dad!), I came up with the perfect custom fit for my space.  More info on that a little further down!  In the meantime, I thought it might be helpful to put together a list of products that are *similar* to my metal runner.  So without further ado, here they are!  Click on any of the below images to go directly to that product page for more details.

If You Like the Runner Idea
If you're looking for something long and not-so-wide for your island or table, consider these fun options:


If You Like the "Framed" Look
If you like the open framed look, check these out:


If You Like Black or a Wrought-Iron Look
If you want something black to off-set light counters or cabinets, try these on for size:

If You Want to Try and Make Your Own
If you really do like the framed tray that I have, you can have someone fabricate it for you.  Spoiler alert: this needs to be welded.  If you don't have a welder in your family, this might not be the most affordable route.  But if you know a welder, or you want to try and tackle it yourself a la Flashdance, here are the details:

  • You'll need a thin steel plate for the bottom and steel tubing to construct the frame. You can choose your desired thickness. I went with half-inch steel tubing.

  • Figure out your dimensions. My tray is approximately 9 inches wide by 6 inches high by 42 inches long (yikes!).

  • As I mentioned earlier, I sketched out my dimensions/materials and enlisted the help of my infinitely talented Dad, who tacked it together (aren't dads the best?). From there, I used regular spray paint to paint it. The tray looks black, but I actually used an oil-rubbed bronze paint.

  • Keep in mind that the heftier you go on thickness of steel, the more this baby will weigh. Mine isn't too heavy, but I stuck with thinner tubing.

Metal framed kitchen island tray/centerpiece. Farmhouse Redefined.

Phew, I hope this list helps!  If you find similar runner trays, keep us all posted by sharing in the comments.  Happy Shopping, Friends!

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