Easy and Affordable Options for a Large-Scale Gallery Wall

Oversized floor to ceiling gallery wall with affordable frames by Farmhouse Redefined.

I have a weakness for gallery walls.  Big, small, black and white, colorful...it doesn't matter, I love them all!  My very favorite gallery wall in our house is in the kitchen -- a floor-to-ceiling grid gallery with oversized shots of my favorite people.  I planned this wall before our house was even finished.  I remember coming in while they were doing drywall to measure out the spacing of my frames!  Fast forward to now and I always get a ton of questions about this gallery wall.  Well, guess what?  I did it on the cheap!  Take a look below for specifics, a round-up of some of my favorite affordable frames and my go-to photo printing source.

Craig Frames 4-piece 16x16 Black Frames on Amazon.

Craig Frames 4-piece 16x16 Black Frames on Amazon.


Favorite Large-Scale Frames

Photo frames can be pretty expensive, especially when you're looking for larger or non-standard sizes.  My gallery wall frames by Craig Frames are simple black and come with a white mat sized for 12" square photos.  Outer measurements are approximately 18" square and without the mat, the frame can hold a 16" square photo.  These are sold on Amazon in a pack of 4 for $59.99 plus shipping.  Not bad at all considering the size of these frames!  Mine have been hanging for 3 years and still look as great as the day I bought them.

Affordable, large-scale picture frames for gallery walls.

Affordable, large-scale picture frames for gallery walls.


I also rounded up a few other larger frames that I think are stylish and affordable (always a plus when those two combine forces, right?).  If you're looking for a rectangular black frame, check out these ones by Picture Frame Factory.  Amazon sells a 4-pack of these in 18x24 size for $65.99 plus shipping.  There are several sizes offered and they go as high as 24x36 for $102 plus shipping.

I can't get enough of brass these days and love to include a little pop of it here and there to up the style in any room.  These Project 62 frames from Target are 11x15 in size and run $16.99 each.   They're "float frames," so you can display your photo between the two pieces of glass so it appears to float, or you can make your own paper background (patterned scrapbook paper or wallpaper samples would be fun!) to accommodate a photo size of your choice.

In addition to brass, I've been finding myself drawn to natural wood.  These Better Homes and Gardens rustic wood frames from Walmart are the perfect weathered color.  They're 11x14 in size and come with a cream-colored mat to fit an 8x10 photo.  These would look great grouped together in an entryway or foyer...and at only $9.74 each, they won't break the bank!

Cheap Oversized Photo Prints

I have photos on constant rotation in my kitchen gallery wall.  Thanks to the power of smartphones, I have no shortage of cute pics I want to frame and, honestly, the resolution of a smart phone camera is pretty amazing -- I've printed photos I've taken with my phone at 12x16 size with no trouble at all!  That said, printing photos in a large size can get expensive.  My go-to printing source has always been Sam's Club.  I'm a member already and created a photo account on their website.  From there, I can easily upload pics and place an order to either be picked up at my local store or shipped directly to my house.  And the prices are great!  A 12x16 print runs me $3.96 and a gigantic 24x36 print is under 12 bucks.  I'm sure Costco and other big box stores have similar offerings, so it's definitely worth checking out if you print a lot of photos and have a store near you.  

What are some of your favorite frames and photo printing sources?  I'd love to hear them...you can never have too many options when it comes to printing and showcasing your favorite memories!