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welcome to my little corner of the internet...

I'm Kristan...wife to my better half and mom to two kiddos 11 months apart (insert "wow, I bet you were surprised!" comment here) and a big, slobbery American Bulldog named Maxine.  Aside from these four loves, home design and writing are my passions.   I've been redefining the traditional take on "farmhouse" since we built our forever home on our 7th-generation family farm and it's been quite the journey so far!  A few things about me...

I love chai tea and the occasional swear word (not usually together).  I've never met a gallery wall I didn't like.  Metallics are neutrals and navy blue is my BFF.  I'll never pass up monograms, cheese boards, cool light fixtures or a good gin and tonic.  I consider myself low maintenance, but I never leave the house without mascara on.  I love layering rugs on rugs and stacking books according to color.

For me, perfection exists right where vintage, modern and functional collide.  I worry less about what's in style and more about what I like.  Case in point: I operate daily under the idea that if I like it, then it's in style!  And above all, I love to design and decorate with things that mean something to me.  Home design is an amazing opportunity to tell a story.  When someone visits our home, I want them to leave knowing a little bit about the five quirky and fun personalities that live here.

Thanks for being here...I'm glad you stopped by.  I'd love to hear from you, so drop me a line any time!  Pepperjam verification.